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Imin Yeh
Director / unpaid intern

IT Wiz Kid
Derek Chung

Podcast Producer
Kuniko Vroman

Board of Directors
Ellen Oh
Abby Chen
Jackie Im

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SpaceBi is a pop-up, parasitic, and unauthorized contemporary art center within the Asian Art Museum.  Upon procuring a high-level membership, institutionally referred to as the  “Jade Circle”, I will gain the ability to invite 3 guests to enjoy the use of a private room and garden in a public institution.   For one year, I will be manipulating this privilege to exhibit contemporary creative and critical projects that will be documented and available online .  This project hopes to be a forum for alternative programming and dialog that re-imagines the use of this public space and collection and forges new connections between inherited cultural objects and creative practices today.

Spacebi.org will be the only permanent showcase of the events, exhibitions, and happenings taking place at the Asian Art Museum for the duration of the year-long membership.  In addition to interview and photo documentation, there will be short videos, and regular podcasts produced onsite.

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  1. Jessica says:


    I’m with IZZE the juice company and I was wondering if you needed a beverage sponsor for your event on 7/26?

    Please email me if you do.


  2. imin says:

    Jessica, we are so honored! What is your email, I’d love to continue this conversation!

  3. Nobodhi says:

    What a wonderful ( & needful ) project … !

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